Little Miss Marker

Little Miss Marker ★★★½

This film melted my cold, dead heart and it could melt yours too.

I know I've seen all of the major Shirley Temple films; they were a staple at my grandmother's house when I was six, but I remember nothing about them except 'Animal Crackers in My Soup'. And as six-year-old I think I had very little appreciation for how god damn adorable Shirley Temple was. Like, cuter than every puppy, kitten, and small child you've ever seen. And she works it so effortlessly that you never feel the too-cute burn-out. She is a machine here, churning out the smartest and most charming performance you've ever seen off of a five year-old. Her co-stars eat it up, and it's on point Damon Runyon. Although the gambling lingo is hardcore and lost me at times.

Points off for some uncomfortable racism.