Finch ★★★★

i don’t know why but i absolutely loved the film. it actually doesn’t make any sense, like what’s the moral of the story or what’s the point of the film? but i loved it anyway?

tom hanks should really do more sci-fi films, i haven’t seen him in any sci-fi films since apollo 13 or cloud atlas. i know he’s very good in doing drama films but i think he can do more. i’ve never seen him in a horror film. ooooh, maybe he should try that. tom hanks is a very talented actor, he can make anything looks good.

i really like the storyline, especially the first half of the film. it’s filled with hope and optimism. finch was probably losing hope until he made a robot. yes, it’s very similar to chappie but there’s something different about this. i think it’s the friendship?

the reason why finch made jeff, it’s to reduce the workload but somehow, he forgot what it’s like to be human because he was the only person left in the world. i think jeff’s thoughts and actions gave him a sense of hope + he reminded him what it’s like to be human. he changed him. that’s how i feel about the film.

i really like the film but i wish they showed us more about what happened to the rest of the population because i’m still really confused. the ending was really sad but i didn’t cry because jeff represents hope. at least, they didn’t use a cgi dog.

wait, it was real. right? but the cinematography and the visual effects were really nice. okay, anyways. i really like the performances. thank you, tom hanks.

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