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This review may contain spoilers.

Sorry this (long) first part is just and explanation for what I'm doing with Letterboxd and not really about the movie. So if you don't care just skip to the next part where it's my review! 😝
So if you follow my reviews you know I am on a mission of writing a review for every movie I've ever seen. When I joined Letterboxd I realized I could never just mark a movie as watched. I needed to write something at least!! So I began my quest. It was easy at first, just writing reviews for movies I knew pretty well. But as I dug deeper I realized there were a lot of movies I wanted to rewatch before writing a review. It's been a long process ha ha but I've been enjoying revisiting movies I probably wouldn't have. I also recently realized that if I write a review for a movie without logging it Letterboxd doesn't count it as a watch. Like for example when I first joined Titanic was one of the first movies I wrote a review for but I've logged it since. It had said I have logged it 4 times but when I went to my All Stats it said I had watched 3 times, and I don't know that really bugged me. 😂 I wanted the numbers to match ha ha. So now if I have already written a review from memory and then later on log review it, I'm going to just delete that memory review. 😂 Hope that makes sense ha ha.
Star Wars fell in the category of just writing a review from memory without logging them. And since I have this massive goal most the time I feel guilty watching movies I already have a review for. Like in my mind it will be like "I really want to watch Star Wars" "uh no, you've seen those movies like a million times already why not put a movie on you haven't reviewed to finish your goal?" And I'll usually do that ha ha. But since the Skywalker Saga has ended I've come to find that I really miss these movies and don't want to put off rewatching no matter how many movies I still need to rewatch to finish my goal. 😂 Plus also realizing I need to update my original reviews with a more permanent logging for accurate watch counts so here we are. I think I only have an actual logging for this movie and Empire Strikes Back out of the 6 which is wild to me!!!
So I thought it would be fun to write these permanent logging reviews the first time I watch all these movies in episodic order. I've never done that before!! 😂 I usually go original 3 then the prequels! But since all 9 are out now might as well try 1-9!
Also want to mention that these are more just slow rewatches, like in parts before bed plus I have so much stuff I want to see so I don't be surprised if it takes me a few weeks to log all 9. But like I said I just missed these movies so much and after a year that has been 2020 I really needed them again! 💗

It's crazy because I do remember all the hype and excitement when this movie was coming out. I don't really remember going to the theater to see it or my experience watching it. But I do remember seeing interviews on the news or in commercial trailers that people were loving it. "I loved the Pod Racing" "I love Jar Jar Binks" "So cool!" So my impression was always that majority of people loved this. Then the internet / social media blew up 😂 and I've come to find majority of people hate this movie, the prequels in general and it's just so wild to me. I really wish someone could track down all the people that were interviewed back then today and have them say how they feel about the movie now. Do they still love it? Or have they changed their mind? 😂 What happened? In a way for me it felt like every one loved these movies but then it suddenly became cool to hate them so then everyone started hating on them. And calm down I'm no saying that's what happened I'm just saying that's how it felt for me because in the beginning I was so sure people loved these. I didn't have a Letterboxd or Twitter to tell me otherwise I guess. 😂
As I've mentioned before Star Wars and Harry Potter are just hard for me to rate like I normally do movies. So my star ratings for these movies really reflect my love for them instead of the quality I see in them.
So yes I totally can understand why people don't like this movie. Yes there is some cheesy dialogue. Yes the special effects really really don't hold up. Yes there are definitely some aspects of the story that could have been worked on better. But for me I just have such a blast. Like I can still be highly entertained with this.
Look (for the most part I'll admit I don't like everyone here) I really enjoy the cast. I mean I think Liam Neeson is so fitting and really enjoyed that he was a part of this. Natalie Portman is always wonderful. Really awesome to see Ian McDiarmid be a part of the prequals. Really awesome so many people came back for this! Ray Park was fucking epic and stole the show. Then of course hello, Ewan McGregor!! Love him so much, he was so perfect!!! And just want to say about Ahmed Best, I'll always be so heartbroken of all the hate he got. And I'll never understand it. Jar Jar Binks has personally never bothered me the slightest. Then I'll never understand why actors get the hate over characters. Especially since becoming an actor myself. I mean people realize that actors don't write the lines right? And it's literally my job to make sure the Director's vision comes to life. If I'm not happy with a scene but the Director is whose opinion do you think matters? Unless of course maybe the actor was like Leonardo DiCaprio but even then I can't imagine him arguing over a scene with someone like Martin Scorsese. 😂 So yeah actors who have gotten pure hatred and death threats over these movies I'll just never understand. But I'm glad it seems like the hate for Best has let up. I think people just don't think Jar Jar Binks is the worst thing to happen to Star Wars anymore, since the newer trilogy. 😬 But Best, thank you for what you did with the role. 💗 Thank you to all the actors who joined this series and just got nothing but hate! I see your hard work and you all will always be able to entertain me. For the rest of my life I'll watch you all.
Then of course I can just never hate a movie that has amazing music in it!!! Are you kidding me!? How can people think this movie is bad when it gave us Duel of the Fates!!!!??? 😂 But that's just me. I can think of a few movies off the top of my head where I don't like the cinematography, where I don't like the story, where I haven't seen it since, but I'll never say it's a bad movie because the score is so amazing. 😂 The music here is just so epic and really my main source of entertainment with this movie. The Droid Invasion song is another stand out!!!!
I do love the design of the sets. Loved the look of Naboo and especially their N-1 Starfighters. Love the look of Darth Maul. The Pod Racing was a cool idea. And I seriously love the lightsaber fighting in these movies. The fight with Darth Maul both times just looks so amazing. Like so jealous of the actors. I would love to get to fight like that. I would train my ass off and have a fucking blast doing it.
I don't know. Darth Vader is my favorite character so while yes this story could have been improved on I still find it fascinating so see where Darth Vader came from. What a sad childhood but still could be cheerful. Beautiful relationship with his mother. And that movie poster of little Anakin where his shadow turns into Vader still hits me. The Jedi Council is interesting. Seeing Obi-Wan as an apprentice and his relationship with Qui-Gon, you can tell Obi-Wan really wants to be like that with Anakin in later movies. 🥺 Meeting Queen Amidala and seeing her as a ruler. Seeing the start of Palpatine gaining power, it's all interesting to me. I just find great comfort here.
Look it's not one of my favorites out of all of them sure but it's still a great time and one that I can always watch.
It still trips me out that they included like deleted scenes into the movie (I have just been watching my digital copy since I was watching in parts) and like the Pod Racing scene for example throws me. "Weird I know this movie so well but I don't know this part of the scene" ha ha. Wonder how many more rewatches till I get used to those added scenes. Does anyone know exactly when they added those scenes to the movie? Was it after all of the Trilogy was released?
Did anyone know right away that Padmé and the Queen were the same person? Or did people not realize it till Padmé revealed herself to the Gungans? I remember (even though I don't really remember my first watch) that I realized it right away. Also I do remember thinking to Padmé "girl why you hanging out with that little boy so much when Obi-Wan is right there!!!!" 😂
I'll just always have a blast with this movie but I'm not gonna argue with someone who hates and thinks of this as a bad movie. I see the bad but I choose to love the good and have fun with it.
So excited to finally log all these movies!!!!!

Moment that gave me the chills: I wouldn't say full on chills like I've been feeling but more like goosebumps which is why I adjusted my movie tag to include goosebumps. I felt a bit on the back of my neck down my spine when the doors open to reveal Darth Maul and the music starts (no surprise). Also I felt some goosebumps down my arms at the very end. Just the music is fun, looks like a great celebration and just that ending shot of everyone together and the music starting into the end credits. Which buy the way I always let the end credits play for the music!

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