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This review may contain spoilers.

So I knew the new cast additions and a bit of an idea what their motives are.
Was very happy that I rewatched the first movie first.
I enjoyed the cast. I thought everyone was great. All the returning people were better in my opinion here than the first one. I adored Rachel Zegler here. Can't believe that her first acting gigs were this and West Side Story, very lucky girl. And I don't mean lucky that she didn't deserve them just like lucky that she started off with such amazing opportunities. Like I promised myself this year I will finally focus on acting and give it a real shot and I doubt I will even get an opportunity to audition for stuff like those movies right off the bat. 😢 Ha ha so very lucky ha ha. Any whoo ha ha. Loved that Djimon Hounsou and Jack Dylan Grazer had more to do in this. Wish Asher Angel got more. It was amazing to see Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu in these kind of roles and I loved seeing them together. I'm kind of shocked because so far the reviews I've read seemed not to like Liu or thought she wasn't given enough but I really loved her here. Yes I'll admit I just missed seeing her on the big screen, it's been awhile for me but I just really loved seeing her in this kind of role. Mirren and Liu made for some really entertaining villains, especially as a pair. So yeah I had a lot of fun with this cast.
I enjoyed the music. I already have added some to the playlist. Thought it was catchy and fit with the story so well.
I enjoyed the look of this. The coloring was my style especially during darker moments. I also thought there were a couple of cool stand out shots especially in the climax. Some great set designs as well. Overall visually pleasing. That museum scene was very fun to watch as was the bridge scene. But the shots of Shazam in the climax in the dome being surrounded by smoke and lighting are what will stay with me.
I loved the story. The emotional beats were there. Love found family stories and I think theirs is very sweet and I love how it's grown since the first one. I wish we got more moments with Rosa and Billy but it was still very extremely satisfying when Billy said "I love you mom" 😭😭 ha ha. I also loved that Anne was Freddy's love interest, I assumed she would be Billy's. 😂
I thought Kalypso and Hespera made for interesting villains. And my jaw dropped when Hespera died (or I guess when she got stabbed ha ha), I was not expecting that ha ha.
I also absolutely adored Wonder Woman's cameo. I had heard something about her being in this but more like a joke so I assumed that dream sequence was all we were gonna get so my jaw dropped again when she actually showed up and we heard her iconic theme! Are you kidding me!? That was so awesome! 😍
And yeah sure a lot of the jokes didn't work for me but I found myself still laughing a lot. And while I do agree with some reviews I've read that the skittles moment was a odd it oddly worked for me?! 😂 🤷🏽‍♀️ It was just so ridiculous it made sense? 🤷🏽‍♀️ 🤷🏽‍♀️ I don't know!!! And yeah I really enjoy when Greek Mythology is involved in a story.
But yeah I totally cried when Billy died. So sad the family being around him like that and seeing Freddy suffer like that. 😭 Love to cry so was happy I felt all that with this.
Also I was surprised by the horror element this had and I loved it. Thought it was very cool. So in that sense this felt more darker / serious than the first movie and that's why I think I like this one more.
Overall I had fun. I see that I'm in the minority once again with a DC film but we all like what we like 🤷🏽‍♀️ and I loved this. A must own and I do see myself revisiting every now and then.

Side note: I have thought a lot about how I will feel with James Gunn taking over DC and I am not ready. I just always have felt DC has a more serious and darker tone that I love so much and with all the success Gunn has had with his silly, lighter tone success at Marvel, I'm worried that is what he will change DC to and I will be devastated. I don't want another Marvel. 😭 I fear we are nearing the end of an era of super hero stories I've greatly enjoyed and I'm not ready to accept that. But I am holding on to hope Gunn will prove me wrong.

Another Side note: this is the 2,222 movie I've logged on Letterboxd! Woo! 🥳

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