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Very very close to a 4 and a 1/2.
I was actually pretty pleased that I hadn't even heard any trailers for this any time I went to the theaters. I had seen some images and I believe I saw some tiny clip somewhere, not sure where but that was it. And of course knew the cast and had heard about the Nev Campbell pay drama.
For me the Scream movies have always been a comfort series. A series that I enjoy putting on from time to time. I have fun with them. But honestly the first Scream is the only one in the series that I can say I love it, till now.
I was really just expecting to have fun with this and that I would just like it so I was really pleased with the reaction I had for this. Maybe it was the new setting? Maybe the look of the mask? But this had a way of feeling so different than what I've been used to but also familiar.
Really happy I did that mega rewatch of all the movies before catching this.
Right away this Ghostface just felt so much more threatening.
Tons of moments that felt so tense. I normally don't like to talk spoilers on my first review but can't help it.
First off, I liked the cast. Yes I was sad that Nev Campbell did not come back and I was very curious what they were gonna do but I thought how they explained her not coming back made sense and it did give me a sense of relief because Sidney has been through so much and she deserves a break ha ha. But I do wonder what the story would have been like if she did come back. I enjoyed Courtney Cox as well, loved her performance here so much more than the previous one, felt like her character fit Gale more than in 5. I also enjoyed the core 4's performances here than in 5. Like I'm still shocked it's the same director's because this one just feel so different. Jasmin Savoy Brown and Mason Gooding leveled up in this. I loved that Hayden Panettiere came back for this and loved what they did with her charcter. Look I'll be honest I didn't even mention Jenna Ortega's performance in my review for 5 because I didn't care for her there. Even with my recent rewatch she just didn't feel natural to me. Like her fear feels forced to me. Which I know I know I'm in the minority and everyone loves her but I can't help how I feel and obviously I don't feel that way for her all the time because I do enjoy her in other stuff (hello Wednesday) but here in 6 I loved her. I thought she was so much better and felt more natural so yeah for me. Especially during the climax. And I loved Melissa Barrera so much. Really great work. Dermot Mulroney was really great as well. I thought he had a great presence especially when it's revealed he is the killer. I wish I got that same feeling from the other 2 killers but Mulroney was scary enough that it carried the weight so when the killer reveal happens it still was intense. Packed audience went nuts!
I thought this looked great. A little darker than I like movies to be but it could have just been the setting of the theater? I kind of would like to watch in theaters again so maybe I'll see if it's dark still ha ha. But yeah Just the look of Ghostface was so cool. Like I mentioned, just had such a menacing presence. The store sequence and subway sequence were my favs. Great moments of tension. Loved the camera placements. Gotta love that ARRI Alexa Mini with Panavision Primo Lenses. 🤌🏽 I think that's another reason I thought this looked better than 5, those lens! 😍
I also really enjoyed the score. I thought it stood out nicely and will be adding certain ones to the playlist.
I found myself really enjoying the story. I thought the right characters got the right amount of time. I thought this moved at such a great pace. And I did not see the killer reveal coming at all and found myself really enjoying it. The last time I loved the killer reveal was back in 3 so yeah been awhile and loved what they did here.
I know people been saying that one of the core 4 should have died but I don't think so. I liked that they all survived again. I mean it took 5 movies before one of the main 3 died why does one of the main 4 have to die in their 2nd movie? I like that there are 4 this time around and I like all of them and hope they are around for 5 movies too. 😜
I also love how the love interest was written. Danny was so understanding. One thing I didn't like about 2 was how Derek just didn't understand why Sidney didn't trust him and Danny right off the bat totally understood and accepted why Sam didn't trust him. Well done.
I also loved Sam's struggle better in this one than in 5 and I love how she kind of uses to fight.
I thought it was funny when Kirby gets hurt and the sisters are all we are going to get help and run off to try and save her but have to fight the killers again and then once it's all over they just sit there, like hello! Kirby is sitting there bleeding out dying, go get help! 😂
And I wish they explained how Quinn was able to room with the sisters, earlier they said it was all anonymous so how did she find them exactly? Did I miss it?
But yeah this was such a blast, loved how creepier this one felt than all the others and just was really impressed with the filmmaking. Very curious to see where they will go from here, if there is gonna be another one?
Also that Letterboxd line made me so happy. 😂💗

Update: 4/2/2023 2nd Viewing 👀
I just didn't want to write a whole other review because my feelings for this haven't changed.
Just wanted to add that there were two moments that gave me some chills. 🥶 The moment in the beginning was when Ghostface says "who gives a fuck about movies?" and then slashes the screen. It just looked so cool. Then the 2nd moment was when Ghostface grabs the shot gun and is about to shoot the convenient store owner. Like just so cool to see Ghostface with a gun I guess.

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