Prey β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

I started this last night but I was so exhausted found myself knocking out with like 15 mins left. πŸ˜‚ So finished this morning.
For awhile I had been doing good and not knowing what this was about. Just knew it was a Hulu Original and knew it was starring Amber Midthunder. I watch the Rosewell remake, reboot (?), but haven't stayed up with it ha ha so I was aware of Midthunder. But as more time went by and went on Twitter, it came to my attention this was a Predator prequel.
When it comes to Predator I've only seen the original, first one and the Alien vs. Predator movies. I feel like I've seen part of Predator 2 also but yeah don't count that ha ha. I definitely would like to finish all the Predator movies.
I heard good things about this movie so was looking forward to it.
I did enjoy the cast. I thought everyone was good. Enjoyed following around Midthunder.
I loved the look of this. I loved the locations. Really enjoy movies that take place outside like this. I thought the kills looked awesome and the action was shot well. The costumes and makeup effects were great. Yeah some of the CGI wasn't the best but it wasn't a turn off either and a lot of the effects did still look really good. But yeah found this very visually pleasing.
The sound design was awesome and I wish I could have seen this on the big screen. Love the sound Predator makes and I really enjoyed the music. Don't think it's anything I'm gonna add to the playlist but I thought it worked really well.
Also really love when end credits have stuff to look at ha ha and what does it mean!!??!
It's funny because my roommate and I were recently discussing screenplay ideas we had but he doesn't consider himself a writer at all so he jokingly told me to hurry up and write them so we have stuff to shoot. And now that he is gone and I have no jobs lined up at the moment I actually have been writing a lot just for the hell of it. And this movie is actually great inspiration for one of his screenplay ideas. πŸ‘πŸ½
I did enjoy the story. I will say that I wasn't a fan of all the dialogue and that sometimes it felt like it dragged in places. Wasn't the best flow. And something was missing from like the character work. But I was entertained throughout and while you can figure out exactly where the story will go and guess how it will end, you enjoy the ride. The action was cool and as I've said I seriously always enjoy seeing women being bad ass ass kickers! 😍
If this was available to purchase I could see myself owning at some point. While I don't see a ton of rewatches with this I do see myself revisiting a handful more times including like Predator marathon watches.

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