Pig ★★★★

Very very close to a 4 and a 1/2.
So I really went into this pretty blind. I knew Nicolas Cage was in this and I knew people were saying mostly positive things about this. That was it.
I really loved the cast. I thought everyone was great but the stands out for sure are Alex Wolff and Cage. I thought they had amazing chemistry together and it was just so great to watch them together. Wolff had some great moments but this is definitely the Cage show. I always enjoy watching him but this was like a whole other level. I loved him so much here and will definitely be a stand out performance of the year for me. Very moved.
I loved the look of this. This was so beautiful to look at. The way this was shot really fit the tone of the story. There were a lot of very stunning shots. Just beautiful.
The score was wonderful. It worked so well. I definitely want to give it another listen. Again like with the look of this, the score just fit so wonderfully with the tone of the story. All the filmmaking aspects really came together nicely for this one.
So this is definitely a bit of a slow burn and it's what I like to call a quiet movie. There are a lot of scenes with little or no dialogue which if you know my tastes isn't really my thing. But it worked for this story that they were trying to tell so it didn't ruin my enjoyment or anything but it did make this feel a little longer than it was. And there was at least one scene that went on a little longer than I would have liked and caused me to zone out a bit. But other than that I really liked this. I thought this was a beautiful character study and learning about Rob was handled in such a smart way. I was very moved by the end and I cried a little ha ha. I was very surprised by this one.
So yeah if slow burn, quiet, character studies are your jam, you will totally dig this! A must watch either way just for Cage!
Not a need to own but I do see myself owning eventually. Not really the type of movie I will get in the mood to rewatch a lot but I for sure see myself revisiting a few more times.

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