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This review may contain spoilers.

Hmmm well since I first logged this right around the time I first joined Letterboxd my view count must be accurate so this is only my 2nd Viewing. 👀 I really thought I'd seen it more but I guess it's just because I've watched parts of it over the years. Before I had this at a very low 3 but now I'd say this is Close to a 3 and a 1/2.
I still feel the same as my first review.
I do like the cast but no one really stands out too me.
I do like the music. There were some nice moments with the score but nothing that really stands out now. The soundtrack stands out more. Really great songs chosen. But as I said before I wish they cut back on the soundtrack and focused on the score more.
My favorite aspect is definitely the look. I still think this looks amazing. Some really stunning shots. Hmm I noticed in my original review I stated there were "too many slow motion shots that were a bit of a turn off for me", while I would still agree there are maybe too many I found them to be quite enjoyable this time. I think it's because I knew what was I was in for and just sat back and enjoyed the visuals. Really great looking. And for real the shot of Kong when we first seem him and all the helicopters are flying up on him and we see his full body is just so amazing. For sure one of my favorite shots ever. Also the island really is stunning. Even the storm looks amazing. Ou and that shot of Kong coming out of the fog. 😍😍
The story is definitely the weakest aspect for me. It's pretty amazing how I literally don't care for any of the characters. Maybe a tiny bit for Jack Chapman (could be because I love Toby Kebbell so much) but then they kill him so it's like 🤷🏽‍♀️ and then for sure it's sweet to see Hank Marlow rejoin his family. But yeah I just didn't care for the characters. I didn't like how characters were handled. And wow I'm not a fan of the dialogue. Nothing about what majority of the things that are said feel natural to me. It's all forced. And characters really make dumb decisions here. I don't know. Usually it's easy for me to care about the human characters in Monster stories but it just doesn't work here for me.
Again though it's not enough for me to not find enjoyment with this. I really enjoy the story of Kong and it's a visual treat to look at for me. Love the scale and how everything is set up. And it's not hard to sit through and I can still have fun with it. I don't see this being a movie I get in the mood to rewatch but more like a neccessary watch. Like right now I'm only watching this to get ready for Godzilla vs. Kong, so like I'll put on as part of a series watch or something. So yeah definitely see a few more rewatches of this.
I am so ready for Godzilla vs. Kong! 💗

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