Hereditary ★★★★

Very close to a 4 and a 1/2.
This was crazy.
I was so glad I walked into this not knowing anything not seeing any trailers or footage. This took me on a ride.
I loved all the actors. Thought everyone did a great job but the stand out was definitely Toni Collette. She was so amazing. Wow just wow. A stand out performance of the year for me for sure.
I loved the look of this. It was filmed so perfectly and loved the tone it created. There were some really creative shots.
The music also really worked well.
Loved the sound design.
Before I say more I want you to know, I scare really easily. That's why horror isn't really a go to genre for me (except of course during Halloween time). So if you haven't seen this yet don't expect the same kind of experience I had, trying not to raise any expectations you know. But this scared the shit out of me. Not in a "I'm gonna sleep with my lights on tonight" kind of way but this was really disturbing. I had no idea where the story was gonna take me and did not find it predictable. This movie bothered me in a way that no other horror film has. Like I never had the urge to actually want to stop watching a movie because I was so scared before, that tears started streaming down my face from fear. 😱 So yeah this fucked me up ha ha. Obviously not saying everyone will have that kind of reaction just sharing mine.
Some negatives were I found it incredibly slow in the beginning then of course because it's scary and upsetting for me not sure yet if this will be a movie I will rewatch a lot of often. I will hold off on further judgement after a rewatch because I do want to watch again to see what I missed since I was hiding behind my fingers a lot.
I went with my brother and a friend and they loved it as well. Great time at the theaters and looking forward to checking this out again, perhaps I won't be so scared? 🤞🏼

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