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This review may contain spoilers.

Finished rereading the book! This is another book in the series that I don't enjoy as much, not because it is poorly written but because I don't have fun reading it. I'm just so mad and annoyed throughout ha ha. The movie does a pretty good job of capturing how the Ministry of Magic behaves, how kids at school behave and how awful Umbridge is. It is all so much more annoying in the book though ha ha which is why I'm just mad the whole time reading it. Also a lot of the stuff that happens in this book could have so easily been avoided which also makes me mad.
They left out and changed a lot BUT this is one of the few movies where I love a certain change or addition. I'll get into that later.
Firstly love the new additions to the cast. As much as I hate Umbridge, Imelda Staunton was perfect! Sure she wasn't exactly how I pictured because Umbridge is ugly and Staunton is not, but wow Staunton acts and sounds exactly how it's described! Perfect. Also enjoy the casting of Natalia Tena as Tonks. Hello Evanna Lynch!! Perfect casting as well for Luna Lovegood.
I enjoy the look of this. Nice new sets to explore. Sometimes the blue coloring is a bit too much but I still enjoy it. The big battles are such a treat to look at.
The score is perfect. Love what Nicholas Hooper did with the music. Some really beautiful and fitting themes throughout.
I do like what they did with the story. They kept a lot of important aspects in and crazy they were able to capture the book so well especially since the book is so long. Also captured the emotions nicely. I think this moves at a great pace, does not feel long at all.
I do want to say I love how they emphasize Harry's love for Sirius and his friends and how he doesn't have to go through this alone. Like the scene where Voldemort enters his mind and Dumbledore tells Harry "it isn't how you are alike, it's how you are not". Then the flashes of his friends and family. I LOVED that so much, that's not how it happens in the book.
Especially love the line at the end of the movie how they have "something worth fighting for". I didn't get those kind of feelings from the book and those were nice additions.
Once again though, book is way better!! The movie left out Dobby once again. No Rita Skeeter. No Firenze. Lots of details left out
The biggest things that bother me the most are 1) Dumbledore. I've said before not really a fan of Gambon's interpretation of Dumbledore. I loved Dumbledore in this book. How he acted so funny and cool towards everything. Even though everyone was being so fucking stupid he was still calm and cool and a bit of a smart ass and I loved that. Wish people got to see that in the movie more. O and hate when Dumbledore falls over battling Voldemort..... No he was better than that in the book. 2) The chosen one. I've seen people complain who have only seen the movies about Harry being the chosen one. "Nothing special about Harry" "Makes no sense why he would be the chosen one" "Hermione is better and more talented". In this book specifically Chapter 37 (my second favorite chapter out of the ENTIRE series) really breaks down and explains Harry's past, present and future with Voldemort. It breaks my heart that the chapter is in the movie only a tiny bit. While I can understand people's complaints, READ THE BOOK. Ha ha. There is a crazy reason why this all happened to Harry and why it all falls down on him.
But yeah still great. Just makes me annoyed with how dumb everyone is that Voldemort is back. I'm more of a better safe than sorry person ha ha so even if I don't want to believe he is back, I would rather take the precautions.
Amazingly well done and lots of moments that give me chills. Cry of course.

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