Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills β˜…β˜…β˜…Β½

So of course I would have preferred to see this on the big screen but I could not pass on a movie night with people I don't often get the opportunity to hang out and watch movies with. So you know how it is when you're watching movies with friends and getting drunk, lots of laughing and talking and yelling at the screen 😝 so I admit there is probably quite a few lines of dialogue I missed. 😬 But it's ok, I had such a blast and I'm sure I'll catch this in theaters with my bro!
So still liked all the cast that came back for this. I was blown away by all the familiar faces! I thought everyone did well and it was so cool to see certain actors.
I enjoyed the look of this. There were some really great shots here. Enjoyed the vibe of this.
The music worked very well. Such an iconic theme and I enjoyed the updates to it. I am curious to hear it again so will probably check it out and see what it's like on it's own.
I did enjoy the story. I like how it was connected to the series and Michael Myers will always be hella creepy to me! 😱 πŸ˜‚ There was some cool action and moments of tension. Great kills ha ha. But I found myself not enjoying the 2nd half as much as the 1st half. I felt like things would happen that didn't really make sense or were believable. But I did really enjoy the idea of the story and what all was going on.
I'm curious to see how I feel about the story when I watch again, when I'm more sober and it has more of my attention. 😝
Not a need to own right away but I'm for sure going to get my hands on it eventually and also I'm sure I'll revisit this every now and then especially during the month of October.


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