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Low 4.
Once again find myself fighting for my life loving a DC movie. πŸ˜‚
It's so funny because once again I'm reading the complaints for this movie and everyone is just saying the same things that I've said for MCU movies. "The CGI is inconsistent" uhhh why does it bother people here but not for MCU movies? "The tone is inconsistent" that's one of my biggest pet peeves with MCU. They will have a emotionally serious moment and then they throw in a silly childish joke to ruin it, why doesn't it bother you then?!!?!? πŸ€” Ha ha I'll just never understand the hate DC gets when I see MCU has the same issues.
Anyways I've accepted majority of people will always hate DC and I will let it go because I don't care why people hate this, here is why I loved this.
I went into this pretty blind. I did know some of the cast and I had heard the term "anti-hero" when it came to Black Adam and knew he was similar to Shazam and had a main conflict to Superman but other than I knew nothing about Black Adam. And nothing about any of the other characters here.
I liked the cast. Dwayne Johnson can honestly be a hit or miss for me sometimes but I found him quite fitting, not sure if he is the only choice but I thought he did the character justice. My first time seeing Quintessa Swindell and I found her quite lovely. Aldis Hodge is a good watch and quite entertaining. And o man during Psych I had a crush on Sarah Shahi so was very happy to see her here and thought she was so cool. But my favorite was Pierce Brosnan. I thought he did so well with his character.
I loved the music (no surprise) I was really digging it and I thought the main theme was very fitting and creative. Very funny when bro and I were watching the end credits and saw Lorne Balfe listed as the composer we gave each other the look of "o no wonder we loved the music" because we both are fans of his. And I did enjoy the uses of songs for certain scenes, they were fun.
I do agree with the CGI not always being perfect, I feel like I've come to expect that with all Superhero movies now. For me as long as the action looks great it doesn't bother me and boy was the action awesome here. I thought it was so well done. Loved the look of Cyclone and Dr. Fate. And any fight with Black Adam was just so bad ass to look at. And once again, I know people hate the slow motion shots but I just dig them so much. πŸ˜‚
I did enjoy the story. I am a sucker for History and Mythology stories (I am aware the story isn't true) and I like when movies give a little History lesson so I enjoyed the way this started. I loved when we see Black Adam for the first time. But I felt this held my attention very well and moved at a great pace. I personally found Black Adam to be a very interesting character and I had no idea about his past so I loved learning that. It was a cool reveal. I will say that I felt like we didn't get enough time with certain characters and as usual didn't care for some of the funny moments but this did get a few good chuckles out of me here and there. And I was able to connect with these characters enough that yes I did cry a little! Ha ha. And that mid credits scene was so damn emotional (even though it was spoiled for me) I couldn't help but tear up.
I had such a blast with this and honestly didn't think I would since I know nothing of Black Adam. I am really excited to see what happens with this character next and get to know him better. Not a must buy on it's day of 4K release date but of course I'm going to own this eventually and I do see myself revisiting every now and then.
I just don't think this is deserving of the as much hate as I've seen it get.

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