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This review may contain spoilers.

Guessing but I'm pretty sure this is my 4th Viewing 👀 2nd logging.
A new IMAX theater opened at an AMC I live by so I thought this would be the perfect movie to check it out with. The theater was so nice. Love a brand new theater and so awesome!! Recliner seats for an IMAX!?!?! It was really nice ha ha. Just wish the screen was as big as a true IMAX screen.
And of course this is the definition of a movie belonging on the big screen. I rewatched this little over a year ago at home and I did not have the same reaction I did with this watch. This hit so much harder emotionally, visually, like I was blown away. I remember my first watch in the theater with this being amazing but damn I don't remember feeling like this after! Ha ha. I had to bump up my rating a bit and say this is very very close to a 4 and a 1/2. I had a really powerful reaction with this watch.
Love the acting so much. It is seriously a dream of mine to have a physically demanding role and motion capture is a perfect example of what I mean. Zoë Saldana kills it! They all are so great. Also really loved CCH Pounder.
Wow hearing the music with those IMAX speakers was amazing. The music was so much more powerful. Truly beautiful. Forever heartbroken we won't hear James Horner with the next movies. 😭💔 So many beautiful themes and it just helped to create a magical tone.
What amazing visuals and this remastered version was absolutely breathtaking. One of the few movies I seriously don't mind 3D. Amazing effects, cool designs for the planet and since blue is my favorite color this is just delicious eye candy for me. 😍
I couldn't believe how much harder the story hit for me this watch. It was so easy to connect with and just hit me so much emotionally. And wow did I cry a lot. I don't ever remember crying for this movie before ha ha. The reactions of the Na'vi after losing their home, damn. 😭 Powerful stuff.
Sure it's long but it moves at such a great pace and I really get sucked into this adventure. The action is amazing.
I'm kind of bummed I can't remember exactly which moments gave me the chills. 🥶 I actually believe one for sure was the moment right after their tree gets knocked down and we see Mo'at scream. Heartbreaking. I know for sure another moment was just after Jake gives his speech to fight at Eywa and they all cheer and we follow Jake as he takes off. Another moment that I got the chills was during the big battle and it seems like they are going to lose and we are watching a lot of them dying (like still really sad that Tsu'tey and Trudy didn't make it) and just how well done that scene is. Even though I knew what was going to happen it still was emotional and I think it's edited so together so well. Chills. Ha ha.
A stand out theater experience. So amazing.
And even though I didn't want to I totally stayed for the special preview for the next one and wow was I blown away. Looks so damn good and promises to be another amazing theater experience!
I do see myself revisiting this more now especially (hopefully) if I enjoy the next one a lot.
Side note: it was crazy seeing the 20th Century Studios logo before this instead of the 20th Century Fox one ha ha (which is why I changed the tag.)

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