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I'm not 100% sure but I'm pretty sure this is my 3rd Viewing. πŸ‘€
Been awhile since my last watch.
Been watching this in parts ha ha.
I remembered a lot about this but there were a few scenes that I had totally forgot about and some of what happens to certain characters.
I like the cast. I think Sam Worthington is good here and fits pretty well into the role. Always enjoy Zoë Saldana. I thought she was wonderful here. I really liked all the actors actually. I thought everyone was fitting. I forgot Joel David Moore was in this! Ha ha. Loved him in Grandma's Boy. 😝
Of course I think this is stunning. Normally I don't like too much CGI but I think this is lovely took look at. I think this still looks good. I remember when this came out, an AMC close to me had just opened up and they had IMAX. So instead of going to the normal IMAX theater we go to we decided to go to that AMC for this movie. And then that's how I learned that there is a difference in IMAX theaters. Yeah so I've never gone back to that AMC for any IMAX movie ever again. I prefer "true" IMAX. πŸ˜› But yeah I do remember this movie still looking really nice and I remembered this being one of the few times I actually enjoyed the 3D. The design of the characters and planet is just stunning. Really love what was done here visually.
Wow, I forgot how amazing the music is. I don't remember it ever really standing out. I don't know if I just miss James Horner so much or I had just seen another movie he scored, but I absolutely loved the music here this time around. There were some really amazing moments with the score and honestly really made me enjoy this much more than I thought I was going to.
I do like the story. Honestly I didn't think I would like it as much. Over the years I feel like people kinda turned on this. Kinda like Titanic, when it first came out, was a big hit and seemed like everyone loved it. Then over time I feel like it's just been getting hate and hate. So I thought that would effect me, plus it's been a long time since I last saw. I really think the last time I saw this was when it was released on Blu Ray. But I found myself a bit surprised at how much I still enjoyed it. Yeah I mean the story is familiar but predictable for that reason, but it has a sad element to it because of that reason as well. It's sad how believable this story is. Like this pandemic, this year, has shown me how selfish the human race can be so yeah this was pretty depressing to watch now ha ha. And yeah this is long and there are definitely a few scenes that drag on way too long. But I was still pretty invested in the story and held my attention well. I was entertained. And I do really like the idea of the story. It's pretty smart. Also I liked the way it ended.
Did I think there were gonna be so many sequels? Nope! I'm not even sure how the story is going to go with all those movies. I really thought the first movie ended so great. But I know I will watch the next one to see what these characters are up to and what happened after the events of this movie, but I wouldn't say I'm really excited for it.
I do own but I'm honestly not sure if this is going to be a movie I get in the mood to rewatch. Before this rewatch I would have been fine saying this isn't a ton of rewatches type of movie, but after this watch and how much I still enjoyed it I just don't feel comfortable saying that. Maybe it will just be the movie I rewatch before the other sequels come out? But yeah I'll decide next watch what type of movie this is going to be throughout my lifetime. For now this was a nice revisit. 😊

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