A Good Person

A Good Person ★★★½

Very very close to a 4.
So I did have a little idea what this about. I just knew the main character was struggling (didn't know how) after the death of someone (I thought it was her boyfriend) but that was it. O and of course the cast and that it was written and directed by Zach Braff.
So I love Garden State so I was looking forward to this. Couldn't believe how quickly this left theaters around me so was very happy to see it was still playing like 30 mins from where my parents live so caught it.
I enjoyed the cast mostly. Alright I'm trying to think of way to say this in a way that I think people will understand..... Alright for roles like this or stories like this I love when an actor makes me feel like no one else could have played the role, like they are that perfect for this. And I am not saying that the actor isn't talented enough it's just more like they just didn't quite fit the role or it could also be the writing didn't work. I'll talk about the writing later. But yeah I think Florence Pugh is hella talented and I've adored her in everything I've seen her in so far but this one, there were times where it just didn't feel like this worked with her. But then the other moments she was so amazing and it was like I can see why she got the part. But yeah I just couldn't help but wonder if someone else could have nailed this part better. But I loved her chemistry with Morgan Freeman and I did enjoy the scene with her and Alex Wolff. Molly Shannon was cool too. Overall I enjoyed watching everyone and I was able to connect with everyone.
No surprise with a Braff film, I loved the soundtrack. He really has a knack for making sure great songs are in his movies. I loved all the music that was chosen and thought it fit the story so well. I thought the score worked as well but didn't stand out the way the song choices did.
I thought this looked good. There were a couple really great shots I thought worked so well. Nice coloring. Great locations. Costumes were nice. Overall visually pleasing.
So for me the screenplay was not working for me till Wolff's character showed up. For me the dialogue just did not feel natural. That's where I wonder if it wasn't the actors that weren't working for me but just the dialogue. The flow just didn't feel natural which made the actors seem like they were talking forcefully to me. But once the scene with Wolff showed up I felt the dialogue flowed better, was that because there was really good chemistry between Wolff and Pugh? Or did I get used to the style? Or did it just get better? I don't know. But yeah after that scene I felt like the dialogue flowed more naturally. There were still some moments that didn't feel authentic but not as bad as the beginning for me.
I really loved the idea of this story. I thought it was a great thing to explore. And I hate to admit this but this reminds me of a screenplay idea that I have had for like 6 years now ha ha so yeah this story was totally up my alley ha ha. I have seen a lot of people describe this melodramatic, which I understand what that word means but I guess I don't understand how it's used for movies? 🤷🏽‍♀️ Because for me what happens seemed believable to me, I could connect with what was going on and that I could relate to if I was going through the same stuff? But again it could just be because this is totally my type of story ha ha. I cried a lot. Like tears were constantly streaming down my face ha ha. And I found the ending very satisfying, like it ended perfectly. But I definitely felt the length.
Is it a need to own? Nah. But I could see myself owning at some point. I don't see myself getting in the mood to rewatch a lot but I could see a couple more rewatches. Maybe when I'm in a Braff mood or a Pugh mood or just want to cry a lot ha ha.
Wasn't as good as I was hoping it would be but I still really liked this.

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