First Cow

First Cow ★★★½

Hurricane Isaias basically erased the state of Connecticut from existence this week, so I spent a whopping THREE DAYS without power. As soon as I tracked down some wifi, I downloaded First Cow to my laptop and watched it that evening just as Kelly Reichardt intended—alone in my 87° (F) bedroom, with no clothes on and a horrendously-scented, mosquito-repelling candle to illuminate the area. Perhaps on some level I thought a period piece about fur trappers in 1820s Oregon would help me cope with my present situation. Sure, I haven't showered in over 48 hours, but at least I'm not THESE guys. But then I watched the movie and realized that, unlike me, these guys have a semi-sustainable source of income and can bake some pretty damn good cakes. So I guess AC isn't everything after all.

Anyway, good movie that refuses to advance the plot in any meaningful way until the 1:15 mark. That's not necessarily a complaint. I just expected Toby Jones to show up a lot sooner. The friendship at the heart of the movie is one of the best I've seen in a long time. And how about that ending??? Subtle, profound and in defiance of just about every cliché. My early frontrunner for ending of the year.