I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot ★★

I don’t care a lot about I Care a Lot, a movie that cares so much about telling a gripping social justice story while touching on the nitty gritty of capitalism that it forgets to care about the fundamentals of a competent movie itself. Marla Grayson is a caricature of these underdeveloped themes and despite Rosamund delivering her absolute best effort her character is so inexplicably cunning and ruthless that it’s hard to care a lot about her when she gets attacked by Dianne Wiest (now that’s a sentence I never thought I would say). She becomes so unreasonably careless with her actions that I doubt the filmmakers actually cared a lot about her motives and thought that the forced lesbianism and harshness of her character was enough. It’s like a first-draft script of Gone Girl without any of the nuance or depth to any characters actions that the movie had. Being indifferent on a movie, a MOVIE, that is so blatantly flawed that also happens to be a 10-year olds interpretation of feminism does not imply sexism. It’s a MOVIE for crying out loud, and as I keep on saying, just because a movie is risky in its themes doesn’t mean it’s great. While there are great elements like Rosamund’s performance and the slick energy the film possesses, its unrelenting focus on these misconceptions continue to delay my enjoyment of the movie so much that I found it hard to care a lot. Or even at all.

Netflix has been continuously pushing out some surprisingly great movies lately that, for the most part, have all had effort, passion, and well-intentions behind each project. Okay maybe not all of them *flashbacks to Kissing Booth* but especially in 2020 and 2019 with their award-contenders. But I Care a Lot, while being far and far away from a bad or even joyless film is filled with all the typical issues found in any popular mainstream movie (even ignoring the poorly written feminism). Nothing about the movie except the one performance strikes me as particularly great, which results in an unfortunately complicated anomaly of a feature film that will potentially spark controversy amongst the film community. Which is both displeasuring and confusing to me given the mediocrity of such a film.

Because guess what? I don’t care a lot. Not really.

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