Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me ★★★★★

there’s simply nothing quite like this

it’s unbelievable how much Lynch and his crew were able to accomplish artistically in a prequel film to a beloved TV series.  it’s honestly unfair, it should not be this good.

a campy surreal cop serial / soap opera ended up becoming a very serious and soul-crushing look at abuse, trauma, and how victims react to them.  it was all there in the show, vague and implied, but it’s shoved in your face here with no more sugar-coating.  and yet, it still manages to exude some of that Lynch optimism through Laura’s unrelenting resistance (even to her death) against the darkness which threatens to consume her.

it is horrific to watch but by the end, I’m always left with a feeling of hope, the knowing that there will always be a goodness to fight back even in the face of unfathomable evil and darkness.  the light and the dark baby.  the balance.  the constant threat of darkness which the light always persists through.  that’s what Lynch is all about, and this is probably where he illustrates that idea best

“You always hurt the ones you love.” – James Hurley

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