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This review may contain spoilers.

Was it difficult to breathe after having witnessed Rebekah Del Rio's "Llorando" and the terrifying elders on the big screen? Yes. It's irrelevant that the first-timers among me kept whispering "what the fuck" as these are two particular scenes (of many in the film) which have encroaching sound design to create intense profundity.

I still adore how this functions on different planes; e.g. an amalgam of 50's nostalgia (old school diners, low-rider cars), Hitchcock-esque leading ladies, movie-industry high-jinx and broken dreams in Hollywood. All of that could either pluck your brain as a dream analysis of Diane Selwyn, the interconnection of parallel universes, or a corruptible force for the American Dream.

Go along for the ride because it makes more sense every time. Watts is outstanding (either through Betty's starry-eyed affect or Diane's stark devastation), but Lynch is the true master for piecing every complex element in a way that does end up being coherent. A moodily unique picture.

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