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  • Revolver


    Revisited this after forever because it was expiring on Max. Wasn’t big on it back in the day, was wondering if time had been kind to it… it hasn’t. Still not big on it. Last 40 minutes or so has some great stuff in it, but man when this thing isn’t working, it’s just not working.

  • Samaritan


    We’ve reached this point where every chronically online film twitter person is searching for a streamer release with little-to-no fanfare to champion and use it to decry our current model. I saw multiple instances where people chose this one on the fact that it has Stallone. Had they seen it! Probably not! This film plays like it’s supposed to be a children’s film but it’s very much not a children’s film. It is simultaneously very expensive and very cheap. It has a decent plot twist then does absolutely nothing with it. 

    please look at my very good tweet about this movie. 

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  • Donny's Bar Mitzvah

    Donny's Bar Mitzvah

    I worked on this movie. 

    I torrented it because they didn’t pay my OT or meal penalties.

  • Woodstock 99: Peace, Love, and Rage

    Woodstock 99: Peace, Love, and Rage

    Wow. It's not often you can say "What the fuck where they going for?" in a documentary, but here we are.

    Now, you may be surprised by this, but it turns out a Bill Simmons product manages to completely whiff it when it comes to any sort of cultural commentary and certainly leaves behind any sort of cultural perspective. It's legit surprising that a doc lead by a guy who says "I'm glad things are changing, but maybe are we…