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  • Lean on Pete

    Lean on Pete

    When I was 11, I moved away from Missouri, the only home I’ve ever known, to the strange, foreign land of Texas. 

    It was hard.

    As a kid, I never thought I would leave the state of Missouri. It just felt like home. All of my family and friends were there. All of my favorite movie theatres were there. It felt right. It was home.
    When I reached the age of 11, my family decided to move to Texas. It…

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  • Adventureland



    I caught myself in the mirror today wearing a shirt that says “ARTIFICIAL NOSTALGIA”, below an illustration of two robots making love to one another, a direct reference to Bjork’s towering ‘All is Full of Love” music video. While the robots aren’t important here, the text is. It got me thinking about nostalgia in our personal lives, our public lives, in media, in society; what is it to us? Is it the same for others? Why does it mean so…

  • Igby Goes Down

    Igby Goes Down


    One of “those” movies, those that you’ve heard of a long time ago or caught pieces of on HBO as a young kid and didn’t realize what it was about. It’s really good. Better than good.

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  • Climax



    This film is hell. No “good things” exist in this place. Only vices and bodily pleasures, earthly things. The only way to exorcise yourself of these demons is by dance. A nightmare I won’t soon forget.

  • Raw