Encanto ★★★★½

Encanto is good cheese with heart and soul. Nothing groundbreaking in terms of its storyline or narrative structure, but it's definitely a faithful, sincere, and appropriate presentation of Latin culture and its vivid characters, as well as a sure-fire tear-jerker to break one's heart into pieces.

Chronicling a Columbian teenage girl, Mirabel's struggles to come to terms with her lack of magic powers and to save her family's legacy, Encanto is a mystery-solving journey whose process is far more intriguing than its end result. Mirabel's dilemmas are highly relatable, the colorful visuals are simply blinding, and the occasional musical numbers, written by the amazing Lin-Manuel Miranda, are the cherry on top of an already hilarious, inspiring, and heartfelt family story. It's a world that's both familiar and brand new, thanks to its immense cultural weight. Overall it's safe to call Encanto one of the best animations of 2021, and a heavyweight contender for the Oscar. Highly recommended.

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