The Way He Looks

The Way He Looks ★★★★½

The Way He Looks definitely belongs to the upbeat end of the gay cinema spectrum, as it brings to life an intimate, bubbling teenage romance that simply warms everyone's heart like a ray of summer sun. Latin American gay cinema delivers again.

What's unique about this gay rom-com is the fact that it chronicles the story of a blind gay teenager, which is a rather refreshing premise, and The Way He Looks perfectly juggles those two types of separate emotions, and forges them tenderly into something instantly heartfelt and socially conscious. It's simply a bitter sweet experience watching the main character going through his school days with avid supports from family and friends, as well as the unpleasant yet expected bullying. Yet the tone of this movie is largely lighthearted, as at core it's still a breezy love story, a gay story that breaks away from the molds of misery porn that's almost typical of gay cinema nowadays, which makes its sunshine-drenched cinematography and plot all the more endearing.

Thanks to the overflowing chemistry between the two leads, The Way He Looks is guaranteed to be a bitter sweet modern fairy tale that wins over your heart instantly and grips on it with all of its vigor and sincerity. Highly recommended.

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