Prisoners of the Ghostland

Prisoners of the Ghostland ½

It's sad what money makes you do. Sion Sono will probably make more money from this than from all of his previous masterpieces combined, but after watching Prisoners of the Ghostland, I don't know who he is anymore.

Prisoners of the Ghostland is a farce that's funless and sparkless. Other than stereotypical Japanese iconology throughout, it provides nothing that reminds the audience of the fact that it's a Sion Sono movie. Sexual perversion and excessive gore, two of Sion's most iconic trademarks, are nowhere to be found in this tiring, generic tale of extreme embarrassment and try-hard. Should have known better than to expect anything positive from a Sino/Nic Cage collaboration I guess.

In short, avoid this one. Watch anything else from Sino.

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