Bicycle Thieves ★★★★½

Bicycle Thieves is a naturalistic, at times hilarious, but ultimately devastating and grim tale that's as timeless as the immense humanity it possesses. Lauded as one of the best movies in history, Bicycle Thieves deserves every bit of its universal acclaim, by demonstrating filmmaking in its most pure, stripped down form.

Bicycle Thieves is a simple story of a father-son duo looking for a stolen bike so the father doesn't lose his job. It's obviously a microscopic exploration of the post-War Italian society, where unemployment pushed the poor to their limits, or at least to false God for comfort. Director Vittorio De Sica's decision to cast amateurs wonderfully paid off, as Lamberto Maggiorani and Enzo Staiola's deceivingly capable performances perfectly captured the ethos of the time. It's hard not to go through different stages of emotions along with the duo's quite eventful journey, but it's at the very end that De Sica's true mastermind finally shows its amazing capability to reduce the audience members to tears.

Overall Bicycle Thieves is for sure one of the most humane movies ever, and a true classic whose theme transcends time and space. Highly recommended.

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