Alphaville ★★★★

Alphaville is an extremely ambitious attempt from Godard, to create a unique science-fiction/arthouse-cinema hybrid, while remaining highly conscious of the political and social dilemmas of the past, the future, and the present. It's highly poetic, against a framework of emotionless scientific basis, which is an inviting contrast on its own.

Depicting a strange, emotionally detached extraterrestrial city and its sinister mechanism, Alphaville never intends to reply on a high production value to convey a message. With supreme camera work and character building, Godard simply rose above a highly limited budget to portray a bone-chilling, symbolic world that no bigger budget could ever replicate. Sarcasm of communism, fear of technology and craving of love and art are intertwined in this micro tale of modern fable, where love conquers hate and poem conquers logic. It's simply a masterpiece with a message that will never go out of style. Highly recommended.

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