Black Panthers

Black Panthers ★★★★

this is now streaming for FREE on criterion channel! no excuse to not check it out!!!!

additionally, make sure you utilize all the resources that have been given to you! if you’re still just watching movies and unsure what to do, watch those “stream to donate” monetized videos for Black Lives Matter on youtube! i had one silently playing while i watched this and its a simple way to donate while going about your day.

also, make sure you’re still signing petitions and donating! if you don’t have much to donate and want to make it count, donate to places that will MATCH your donation. i have a friend whose employer is matching ALL donations made, and if you care to join, Venmo me at @niickmcc! if you want confirmation about where your funds are going or when i’m actually sending the money to her, DM me on twitter! i’ll be more than happy to show you :) 

make your voice heard! you don’t have to go to protests to do so!!! donating, signing petitions, educating others, and even informing others about voting in your area and the BLM movement are all good things to be doing right now. KEEP THE ENERGY, WE AREN’T DONE!

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