Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me ★★★★★

Garmonbozia. David Lynch’s seminal Twin Peaks masterpiece is the prequel to the original series run and the intended tone for the entire Twin Peaks world. The presentation of a surreal and supernatural underbelly bubbling beneath American society, from suburb to city to woodland, the desecration of purity through ourselves and powers we don’t understand. 

This may be for hardcore Twin Peaks fans mostly, and although I have a great deal of love for the series’ original run it became at times too comical and soft, in comparison to this; 2 hours of visceral horror. This films is also a testiment to Lynch, originally booed at Cannes 1992 (still got that Palme d’Or nomination), not welcomed by critics - this has since changed and reviews now are more favourable, seeing this film belong in its place along side season 1, 2 and The Return. During the original run there were several production problems and during season 2 Lynch left to finish shooting Wild at Heart, he has since stated he wanted the series to be as dark as the film, I’m not sure early 90’s TV was ready for that. Fast forward to 2017 and The Return was arguably the best arthouse series to ever be made.

Sheryl Lee is much more flexible when she can say fuck and do copious amounts of cocaine as Laura Palmer, Ray Wise is also brilliant as the possessed Leyland. We get a snippet of Cooper (MacLachlan) in his jovial glory and his downbeat concern, and Lynch as Cole screaming at us will never get old. The cast of the series (bar Lara Flynn Boyle....) all perform and sing the tune that hit the right notes from the get go. Steeped in so much mythology and canon for its continuation, it’s a film that could be watched over and analysed over and you’d still catch new things. For example on my 6th watch I only just noticed the ring more, Mike the one armed man waves it in Laura and Leyland’s face in a brief encounter.

Essential for fans of David Lynch and Twin Peaks. Seen on Mubi, part of the Criterion collection too. The Missing Pieces collection is worth a watch too.

“I'm gone. Long gone. Like a turkey in the corn. Gobble-gobble.”

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