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  • The Believer

    The Believer


    The Believer is very dated aesthetically (and not really in a nice way) but it’s probably the most interesting and thought provoking film I’ve seen in weeks. It’s true success comes down to Gosling- he is so convincing as the tormented intellectual and his character serves to contrast the incomprehension and bashfulness of the movement he believes himself to be a part of. Whilst his arguments are compelling and disturbing, the conviction of the writing is frighteningly twisted and insightful…

  • Money Machine

    Money Machine


    The fact that barely anyone has seen this only reinforces how real the message of the documentary is. I’m also sure that Bruce Paddock (the brother of the shooter and interviewee in this film) needs serious help; a very fucked up, conceited, flaunting gasbag that is, quite blatantly, loving everything about this situation and his close connection to it. His enthusiasm, ebullience and informality genuinely made my stomach turn. I was willing to let his clear social derangement slide on…

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  • Midsommar



    I liked this but it’s not as good as Hereditary and nowhere near as good as The Wickerman- I watched the latter a couple of weeks ago and it, perhaps, killed this experience for me. The good bits in Midsommar are blatant copies and re-workings of scenes from The Wickerman and the not so good bits are, well, the original ideas. I do still take my hat off to Ari Aster at his ability to continually depict and articulate family…

  • Nightcrawler



    There’s many ways to look at this film, but most recently I’ve liked to view it as a metaphor for social media clout chasers- those who virtue signal and those who feel the need to constantly portray themselves as being involved, active, and up to date with matters that are, in fact, completely insignificant to their narcissistic agendas. In other words: where there’s misery there’s margins- but margins can be social or political, not exclusively financial. Idk. Just don’t be like Lou, for fuck’s sake.