Glass Onion

Glass Onion ★★★★½

To tell you the truth, I was nervous. I loved the first movie so much and when it started, I kept wondering how it was going to capture that same sense of mystery without feeling too familiar to the first. Especially since the first felt so timely as well, would this one feel dated already? God I couldn’t have been more wrong. The references somehow felt more topical and targeted. It gave more opportunity for Daniel Craig to just eat up every scene he is in. It played around with the ending and what it means to solve a case and even the story structure felt improved upon all centred around the fantastic message of a plan too stupid that it’s easy to miss. This was just a blast and I want so many more of these. What’s happening to Knives Out is the same thing that should have happened to The Nice Guys and I only hope we can get more original movies on this level so we can have franchises like these in the future.

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