Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies ★★★★★

Yo this movie rules. From playwright Sarah
DeLappe (The Wolves) comes a whodunnit at
the expense of the tiktokteens. It's self aware
but where the stakes are still high. A fun
balance is struck.

The cast rounds out very well. It's being
promoted as a Pete Davidson thing, but it's very
much an ensemble, and each one of them knocks their role out. I could single each performance out and be happy about it. Lee Pace is bae, and that will always be true. Myha’la Herrold rules! Put her in more things! Rachel Sennott is an excellent Gen Z freak! The rest are all also great, don’t worry, I just couldn’t remember their names and if I click out to look them up I’ll lose my progress in typing this. 

I loved the writing. DeLappe is so great. She’s got such a great voice for dialogue. Her characters in The Wolves all spoke so uniquely, and she’s able to bring that same style to the similarly young, albeit more valid kids in Bodies, Bodies, Bodies. In this screenplay, the pacing is great, there’s a lot happening and a lot of delicate placement that keeps the whole thing going.

The soundtrack is a little wonky but it’s used infrequently and it didn’t take away from my experience. The sound and sound mixing are great. While horror isn’t my genre, this is definitely my speed. Sort of the “horror satire / horror thriller but on rails and there’s no supernatural element” as a genre is where I can live. This is still heightened and thrilling and suspenseful and scary, but the laughs are earned, the scary is real, the suspense is real, and all of it pays off brilliantly. The script pays everything off, and the technical levels bring it all out. It’s well directed, too! Good job. 

I dunno, I liked this movie. Go see Bodies, Bodies, Bodies with a crowd! Bring a friend or two.

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