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  • Cape Fear

    Cape Fear


    Great performance by De Niro, fun dialogue (Here we are, two lawyers... talkin shop), and I like this brand of thriller from Scorsese. From the first scene De Niro is a monster, but you feel for him in the beginning. Great use of the camera, nothing too fancy other than the negative film shots, and nothing too cheesy other than someone holding on to the bottom of a car while it’s driving. For something that was clearly intended to be…

  • Gladiator



    All around great movie, Crowe killin it, Joaquin did pretty good. Plot has a good pace to it, I actually enjoyed the entire almost three hour movie. Other than Joaquin awkwardly stabbing Crowe before getting easily murdered by a professional killer, I thought the movie wasn’t too campy to prevent me from having a good time. 
    However, I most enjoyed this movie because it was an above average action movie, which is very hard to do. The depressed and angry Crowe on set matched the movie character perfectly.