Exodus: Gods and Kings

Exodus: Gods and Kings ★★★

Effortless movie by Ridley. By that, I mean zero effort.

I like some things about the movie but it’s really just a lifeless picture. Ridley tries to rekindle the magic of Gladiator to appease his studio comrades while simultaneously using their money for a secret redo on Kingdom of Heaven.

The casting is odd. Namely because he surrounds these white people with people who are recognizable actors and believably Egyptian. He puts Sigourney in there because she probably needed to remodel her kitchen without dipping into any of her saved funds.

It’s long where it should be short and short where it should be long. Sometimes it’s “epic” and other times it’s stripped down.

The most insane thing: Moses ends up at a quiet farm in a nice area of the desert. There’s water and shade, and a little community. He marries Zipporah, the most beautiful woman ever. You’re telling me he’s leaving her? Absolutely not, no God is strong enough. I DO NOT buy that. Not a chance.

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