Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass ★★★★½

Midnight Mass is what Mike Flanagan has been working towards in his career. A gripping slow burn from the start that gradually transforms into an emotionally devastating nightmare by the end, Midnight Mass delves into the horrors of faith, its influences and how religious values can be so deeply distorted in mindsets that they lead to atrocities mistaken as being something righteous. Flanagan is not afraid to get bleak and challenging in his exploration of faith and community, but it's where he leads his audience through a rewarding mystery of extended metaphors and thought-provoking depths. It takes you through a brutal, character-driven journey that is best left going in blind, but it leads to a moving meditation of what it means to live and have faith, and by the time the final scenes played, I could not hold back any of my tears.

Flanagan has refined his style and horror elements over time, and here, Midnight Mass represents his finest and most confident work yet. What a beautiful show and a beautiful time to be alive.

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