• Where East Is East

    Where East Is East


    tod browning truly the king of the evil love triangle. and to be doing this shit in the 20s…. and with such a scary gorilla…

  • The Blackbird

    The Blackbird


    i think a lot of the stuff in this was done better in The Unknown, but lon chaney is great as always, especially in the ending, which is awesome

  • Freaks



    the incredible for the time period amount of compassion and genuine pathos throughout really makes that cruel, jeering ending hit like a freight train. bird girl has to be one of the most arresting images in a movie i think

  • The Ambulance

    The Ambulance


    those colors😍
    larry cohen is so good at likeable unlikeable protagonists. eric roberts is so funny

  • 65



    It wouldnt be a dinosaur movie without someone hiding inside a hollowed out log

  • Scream VI

    Scream VI

    something really remarkable about the ready or not guys is their complete and utter inability to direct a tense scene in any way shape or form. they have not improved even an iota since their other scream movie (not that that was long ago lol, get ready for the pink slime machine to keep pumping these on out). every kill is a minute or two or five of a character walking around with scary music playing then suddenly they get…

  • Legend of Dinosaurs and Monster Birds

    Legend of Dinosaurs and Monster Birds


    what a weird and fun movie. so fucking swag when the giant rhamporhynchus shows up. love the completely tonally inappropriate music. and the best name for a jaws ripoff for sure

  • Varan



    its not bad, but its not really that good either. always hard for me to dislike a movie with a giant monster in it, even if its super cookie cutter. varan looks cool, but the effects feel like a pretty big step down. iirc this was supposed to be a tv movie originally or something, and i think it kinda shows

  • Red Eye

    Red Eye


    was thinking about nonstop the whole time and i think nonstop is better. sorry wes. cillian murphy is awesome though, love his fucked up voice at the end

  • The H-Man

    The H-Man


    a little too much procedural but when its on its on. impressively distressing and goopy effects, especially for the 50s. high rate of frog death. pretty cool that this predates the blob

  • M3GAN



    turns out this didnt actually really have any gore cut out of the final movie, the kills were just bad (watched the unrated version)

  • Abominable



    they made jeffrey combs look awesome