The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo ★★★★★

A fantastic adaptation that is poetically told where it balences a fine line between a thematic story of character arcs and deeply conflicting and absorbing themes as well as paving a story that is engaging, suspenseful, entertaining and fun.
I love the cast, Richard Harris especially is a big sell here with a performance that feels very natural and calming. The cinematography is gorgeous, fabulous use of the Irish and Malta locations to convey an enriching French setting. The score is...epic...thats how I could describe it, it feels broad, historical and sprawling in melodies and harmonies.
All together, the movie has become a favorite for me over the years.

PS: one of my favorite experiences was staying in Kerry last summer(great holiday with family). I went to a nearby small,isolated cove and beach near the house we stayed in with my dog. I then put on the score at high volume and along with the beautiful green, yellow and blue colours from the sea, grass and sand, the heat that sprung off the glorious sun and the freedom and isolation that was felt there,it was a truly sensational experience.
It was nice feeling which was powered by my love of films and the music involved and the entrancing beauty of the Irish countryside and the small, varied, hidden delightful qualities found in different places there.

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