Zodiac ★★★★★

No procedural film compares to this. Fincher is like Graysmith, obsessed with his work to detriment of those around him. RDJ hated working on this so much he left jars of piss around the set. Gyllenhaal was bullied and broken by Fincher so much that he has practically devoted the rest of his career to proving that he is a great actor. Yet, like Graysmith, the finished product here is a work of brilliance. Zodiac is at once horrific, thrilling, funny, and dramatic. It’s a great detective film and journalism film. It’s a visual landmark and a defining film of the 2000’s. Fincher will never top this sprawling masterwork.

Oh, and that basement scene is still the scariest scene in the past 20 years. I’ve seen this film 10 times and I get chills every time.

Mr. Graysmith... I do the posters myself. That’s my handwriting.

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