Scream 3

Scream 3 ★★★

I’m a huge fan of the first two Scream movies and I was quite excited about watching this third movie and I am quite disappointed! I don’t think it’s a bad movie but it takes what the first two movies accomplished and completely ignores it!

What stopped me from giving this movie a lower rating is it’s cast! I love these characters and they’re just as good here as they were before! Courtney Cox’s Gale Weathers has been my favourite character since the start and she’s brilliant in this movie! She’s quite different compared to what she’s like in the first two but it works because her character grows throughout the course of the movies! David Arquette is also very good in his role and I personally think that the movies are at their best when him and Cox are working together! Neve Campbell just gets more iconic with every movie in the role of her career! And she’s pretty good at it too! Two newcomers who I really liked were Patrick Dempsey and Parker Posey! Dempsey plays an admirable detective and Posey is an actress playing Gail Weathers in the Stab movies and she and Cox have some very good scenes together! Now where does this movie fall short? Well, there are A LOT of cliches! Something that the previous movies tried to get rid of! And there are quite a few moments where I rolled my eyes! The first two movies were smart and this movie is just a generic horror movie! It doesn’t do anything wrong per say, it just doesn’t do anything new or exciting unlike its predecessors! But I will give the film credit for keeping up it’s tradition of having a twist you don’t see coming! I was so convinced as to who the killer was but I was very wrong! Unfortunately though, that’s one of the only smart moves the movie makes!

Overall, Scream 3 is quite a step down from the first two movies as it doesn’t follow in their intelligent footsteps! It’s not terrible but it’s only okay at best! If you’re on the fence about watching this instalment, you might find some enjoyment in it but you might not! The third Scream is definitely more of a wail!

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