Pride & Prejudice

Pride & Prejudice ★★★★½

I’m not that big a fan of period dramas. To me they’re all just samey samey. And while Pride & Prejudice does have a samey samey story, there’s something about it that I just absolutely adored.

Elizabeth is a fantastic character, Keira Knightly is absolutely wonderful. I just loved how grounded and interesting of a character she was, she just lit up the screen every time she was on it. Just fantastic.

Mr. Darcy is probably one of the only period drama male protagonist love interests that I actually like. He has his faults but the story acknowledges that and as a result he develops as a character. And I’m not kidding every time he’s on screen, you can feel it. His on screen presence is something I cannot describe.

The whole cast is great, even if some characters are annoying it’s well acted. Shoutout to Rosamund Pike and Carey Mulligan cause I just love that they’re in the film. 

The film is just extremely aesthetically pleasing, I just wanted to go to all locations and spend time looking around them. The cinematography is also absolutely to die for. All I will say is tree shot, cliff shot, sun shot.

And the story is so interesting, and extremely spicy. The on screen tension is electrifying sometimes *cough cough* rain scene *cough cough*. I was just so invested the entire time and I’m very thankful that my friend made me watch it. (They’ve watched it six times in the last month.)

Pride & Prejudice is just such a beautiful film in basically every aspect and it’s no wonder it has the fan base that it has.

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