Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko ★★★★★

I really, and I mean really, loved this one. This was so not what I expected but I don't think anyone could have expected this. It's so pleasing when you find something truly unique that stands out from the rest, something where you can't say there is nothing like it not because you haven't seen enough films but because there really is nothing like it.

I honestly cannot fathom that this is a directoral debut because of how well made it is. I love the cinematography especially because of how it mystifies the mundane and turns ordinary objects and places into something much more fantastical and beautiful, that is the magic of films to me. But really all aspects of this one are truly special and together they create this incredibly rich and moody, dark atmosphere that sucks you in and keeps you there.

Donnie Darko may be dark and psychedelic but it's also infinitely charming, the characters are very sympathetic and there is a universal relatability to them that makes you care even if they do some fucked up shit. It's a funny film, it's a thrilling film and tonally there is nothing like it but no matter what Donnie Darko is the emotional core is always astonishingly strong.

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