The Wind

The Wind ★★★

Interesting little Monemvasia set slasher jam from Nico Island of Death Mastorakis and features the queen of pale icey blue hyper magnetic eyes, Meg Foster, and the King of crazy eyed lunacy, Wings Hauser.

Foster stars as a writer seeking a bit of solitude to finish her latest mystery yarn so off to Greece she goes! Enter local dirty-sweatered handyman Wngs Houser, who exudes a sort of dangerous manic energy with his drifter character. After a warning about the ominous and otherworldly winds that plague the village nightly from the local Sydney Greenstreet character played by Robert Morley, her quaint stay turns into a cat and mouse nightmare. 

Decent little low budget slasher affair, its kind of a dream casting for me tbh, plus the beautiful surroundings do a lot of legwork atmosphere wise—add Monemvasia to places I desperately want to visit. The first 40 minutes or so were right up my alley... tense and engaging... but it just looses steam and peters out shortly after and just barely makes it to the finish line. Not the train wreck slopheap I was led to believe it would be by the usual ‘I hate everything’ lb folks, so color me pleasantly surprised!

The arrow blu looks gorgeous and I’m glad I scooped this up on a whim, it’s a solid little movie from a director I like more and more with each new to me offering I see.

lol at that blue sweater Wings wears and how increasingly dirty it seems to be getting.

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