Scream ★★★

My cousin took me to see Scream theatrically about a month or so after it’s December 1996 release and holy hell I loved every second of it… the packed house went nuts as it managed to feel familiar yet different… but most importantly it felt fresh

I know… I know… that’s a common analysis from people my age so I won’t delve too much on that, but  I’ve never really talked about my adoration for this franchise on this platform so I had to get that out there. Every sequel has felt like an event for me and there’s so many moments in them that I love… the cop car and sound proof glass scenes in 2, the campy nature, ahead of its time Weinstein commentary, and scooby doo last act of 3, the opening (my second favorite opening after 1996) and Kirby from 4… this was my generations franchise and I’ll always love it for all their little quirks as well as what they had to say at the time they were released.

I also feel like the self aware commentary on whatever’s trending never hit quite the same with each sequel, and that the further we go into the digital age the less hard hitting the commentary feels to me since I had a front row seat observing fandom transform into local nerds at the mall to every social media outlet constantly surging with endless critique, constant deconstruction, and rabid negativity and/or obsession. 

This didn’t reinvent the wheel by any stretch but I had fun seeing these filmmakers ‘gather up the usual suspects’ as far as implementing all the ingredients for a Scream movie—I liked where they took the story, the kills were solid, and Ghostface never looked cooler in some of these set pieces. 

Despite these positives there were a few things I couldn’t help but have issues with…. the elevated horror/toxic fandom/reboot-sequel commentary felt like a bunch of Twitter buzzword topics from a couple of years ago, every character acts like randy as far as knowledge goes and nobody in real life or on this dumb site talks about movies like any of these idiots…. I really missed Kevin Williamson’s dialogue, the secondary characters in this felt a little cardboard (in all the sequels actually, except for Kirby), and no matter how hard anyone tries or how well intentioned they are, no one has a feel for these movies quite like Wes Craven.

With all of that aside, I did have a fun with this… for the most part it felt familiar in a good way, features plenty of dunks on itself, and I’ll never not want to hear Roger L. Jackson’s devious voice. 

All day long I see posts about how this isn’t a real Scream movie or angry boomer in training gen x comments about how these movies are worthless shit and people who like them should be beaten to a pulp in the street with a hammer etc etc. yikes. This is definitely a Scream movie and I’m definitely a goddamn mark for this shit so I dunno, fuck u?

Sometimes I think folks need to remind themselves that:

It’s only a movie…
                  only a movie… 
                              only a movie…

Anyways, I didn’t love it but I liked it more than 3 and almost as much as 4… only time will tell how it stacks up with the others. 

I also loved that there was a Stab blu ray in this lol.

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