Night of the Zombies

Night of the Zombies ★★★★

Bruno Mattei, Goblin, sinewy chomped bloodshed, eco terrorists, egregious dialogue, SWAT teams, Papua New Guinea, elephant stampede, throat slashing, nude anthropology practicing reporters, vomitus flesh chewing, Night changing into day between cuts, loads of gratuitous gore, an abundance of stock footage, Italian violence oh so entertaining, a chemical codenamed ‘Operation Sweet Death’, and Third World victims corrupted by scientific research, Hell of the Living Dead aka Night of the Zombies is a special little trashterpiece spectacle that gets more enjoyable with each watch... causing me to dramatically raise my score because honestly this is too much fun for me to quibble about it’s many problems.

The film opens in the Hope Center #1 laboratory in Papua New Guinea, with a bunch of workers discovering a dead rat (COULD THIS BE A PRECURSOR TO MATTEI’s Rats?!?!?) and from there the madness begins! A dangerous chemical, known as the ‘Operation Sweet Death’ (I think that’s the best deadly virus name) contagion is released... turning the technicians and locals into gut munching zombies. Thinking it the work of eco-terrorists who recently fucked up a different Hope Center with hostage demand intent that all these secret facilities be shut down, the gub’ment send in a SWAT team to right the ship, also joining in on this fun journey is as an Italian news reporter (Margit Evelyn Newton) who’s investigating some strange happenings on the island, plus she also happens to practices anthropology in the nude because this is a Bruno Mattei picture. She and her crew to investigate these ludicrous Zombie hijinx—eventually leading to the discovery that ‘Operation Sweet Death’s’ planned use before the outbreak had been intended to curb the Third World population by driving it to prey on each other! That’s.. uh.. yeah... When you fuck with shit named Sweet Death it’s likely going to go wrong... and it does!

Hell of the Living Dead is a full fledged, completely absurd disasterpiece jam and it’s hella fun as Mattei continues to go off the deep end with a script that goes even further off the deep end—heavily relying on Dawn of the Dead and some gag-inducing over the top zombie splatter kills that rank up there with some of the best. Say what you will about Mattei, his films are enjoyable as fuck and the batshit insanity makes up for the derivative plot. Bonkers and not for everyone, Hell of the Living Dead is most certainly for me.

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