Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ★★★★★

Never ceases to amaze me just how w i l d this movie is. Opens in Shanghai with an insane song and dance production and moments later a guy gets shish kebab’d with a shish kebab... moments after that people jump out of a plane in a life raft that, moments later, goes off a cliff! Rich kids doing cocaine in the creative sandbox and coming up with what feels like a pulpy hellish Italian genre mashup movie version of those old serials this was inspired by—in a way I think this may be the most like one of those serials.

That heart being ripped out while the pounding drums, intense chorus, and gleaming reds drove me fucking wild as a kid—I still can’t think of anything tops that whole choreography of that scene for me... plus bugs, snakes, bats, spiders, car chases, club obi wan, chilled monkey brains at a racist as hell dinner party, kid slaves, elephant rides, human sacrifice, blood drinking out of skulls, voodoo dolls, rock crusher death, gators, mine cart rollercoaster, death bridge, and kali ma! 

I really don’t think this movie has any limits whatsoever, and I kinda feel like they tried to let us know right from the getgo with that opening scene.

Anything Goes.

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