A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors ★★★★

The nightmare sequences are so imaginative in this as Freddy starts to show his more comedic one liner side—not something I’m generally a fan of him doing, but it’s manageable here... plus let’s be real... this is one of those almost monolithic sequels that almost transcends the franchise. This thing meant so much to me (and others) growing up—I had the T-shirt, the giant poster, the cassette tape etc etc, it was almost like a battle cry of sorts for the young disenchanted kids. I’d watch this with my friends for what seemed like every weekend and it became my go to background movie for any situation. 

20 years later and it’s dropped a notch for me. Mainly because of a few pacing issues... this thing gets a little boring between drab hospital room settings and nun encounters, plus I’m just not a fan of the jokey wisecracking Freddy that comes to the forefront in this flick (and even moreso in the sequels), but even with these meager nitpicks, Dream Warriors is great fun and a must see for any genre fan—cementing itself as a perfect blueprint on how to breathe life into an already great idea.

Kill count taken from a fan site:

1. Phillip Anderson Arms/legs slashed with bladed glove, Veins pulled out, manipulated into falling off high ledge  

2. Jennifer Caulfield Head smashed into television screen

3. Taryn White Leg slashed with bladed glove, massive amounts of heroin injected into veins 

4. Will Stanton Stabbed in heart with bladed glove 

5. Donald Thompson Stabbed in the side with bladed glove, thrown, impaled on car's tail fin 

6. Nancy Thompson Stabbed in ribs/stomach twice with bladed glove, gutted, blood-loss

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