Another Round

Another Round ★★★★

Struck by a mid-life crisis, four teachers embark on an alcoholic bender whilst conducting an experiment to monitor their blood alcohol levels (in turn seeing how it affects their daily lives). It's men behaving badly and living for the moment, but for the purposes of an experiment rooted in credible psychological research.

Homer Simpson once exclaimed: "To alcohol! The cause of... and solution to... all of life's problems".

This could not be more truer of this movie! Each of the four men have polarzing experiences, with a couple that prove to be incredibly damaging. However, what recurs throughout is this brotherly comraderie that packs plenty of laughs and intoxicating rushes. Highlights include some top-tier dad dancing; gorgeous and harmoniously sung traditional Danish hymns; drunk shopping (a highly recommended activity if you've not done that); and Mads attempting to stab a cod in the ocean with his fishing rod after unsuccessful attempts using the net. Mads, by the way, is such a magnificent force in this movie - equally as much as The Hunt. Furthermore, the closing sequence is absolutely hypnotic. The song What a Life by Scarlet Pleasure will undoubtedly be stuck in your head.

Another Round (Druk) is poignant and moving with a Vinterberg's compelling study on drinking culture. Whether young or old (as depicted in this movie), it's evident that those Danes know how to have a good time.

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