Spencer ★★★★½

Spencer. 2021. Directed by Pablo Larraín.

Kristen Stewart completely embodied Princess Diana in Spencer (2021) directed by Pablo Larrain. In other words, she was the most convincing Diana I have ever seen on the screen. I have a great deal of respect for Naomi Watts’s version of Diana (2013) but her portrayal did not suspend my disbelief. With Stewart’s performance as Diana, Jonny Greenwood’s masterful score, Claire Mathon’s cinematography, and Pablo Larrain’s direction I think Spencer will garner many nominations. Allison and I have followed Diana’s life and legacy over twenty plus years and this was a delightful addition to the collection of films depicting a different angle of her life (Diana as a bird in a gilded cage). I will never forget her bulimia and The Royal Family’s lack of care due to her mental illness. Pablo Larrain and Steven Knight were blunt and raw with their storytelling and I have a great deal of respect for honesty (within their fable). 

In our opinion, Stewart and Greenwood carried the film, along with filming on location at Sandringham, and an alternate location in Germany. However, Timothy Spall (Major Alistar Gregory) and Sean Harris (Darren/Chef) added gravitas that demonstrated how Diana was intimidated by antiquated customs. Sally Hawkins’s (Maggie) was truly the light in Diana’s fictional life in Spencer. The frank and raw discussions between Diana and Maggie  that lead to laughter were perfection. We truly look forward to seeing this at home with subtitles as there were parts of the dialogue that we struggled to understand. I should have followed my instincts and asked for subtitles at the cinema. Nevertheless, this film is like a rare work of art and Larrain’s style can be identified just as easily a Magritte painting. Claire Mathon’s cinematography was dialed for artistic pleasure and we tried to view everything in her frame but, that was impossible with just one viewing. 

Viewed at the local cinema.
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