Aftersun ★★★★★

‘Don't you ever feel like... you've just done a whole amazing day and then you come home and feel tired and down and... it feels like your organs don't work, they're just tired, and everything is tired. Like you're sinking. I don't know, it's weird.’


This film broke my heart … abit too close to home … I’ve never seen a character wrestle with that much pain silently on screen and i feel like this just summed up how iv been feeling these last 2 years (tmi but). Really beautiful film, from the visuals, the cast, script right down to the score. I like how the movie made me care for them, i was so invested as it progressed. 

This movie does a great job of handling themes like depression, being lost in life, dread of aging while also not feeling responsible or mature enough. With everything we go through, we put a lot of strain on our families, who can find it difficult to comprehend how difficult it is. It might inspire people who are having trouble reaching out to others or people who recognize similar signs in someone else to do the same.

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