Pig ★★★★

PIG— a movie easily set up for misjudgment thanks to its offbeat title, premise, and— well— Nicolas Cage— has revealed itself to be one of the most quietly fresh movies I’ve seen in quite a long time

a brisk 90-ish minutes— when actually dug into— reveals an incredibly deliberately paced story— where not much really “happens” and yet I feel like those so much to chew on thematically, culturally, and especially emotionally: I may not be able to right now, but I can already tell this one’s gonna be stewing in the back of my mind for a while

I’ve always loved Nicolas Cage— he’s one of the only actors where I can say I’ve seen just about all of their filmography— and in an age where so much of his career now is just selling out to anywhere that’ll help him pay off his lifetime of debts: it’s so refreshing to see him just act and remind everybody why he’s one of the most dedicated fuckers in the business with easily his most understated and ultimately best performances in years

him, his character, and just this entire movie are constantly peeled back more and more throughout its runtime— with each Part being better than the last— with all kinds of thoughts on one’s craft and leaving it and how it involves after you’ve left it and try to come back— all culminating in an incredibly emotional (and honestly similar to RATATOUILLE) finale that— while tragically almost to be expected by that point: still just hits so hard

I’d be lying if I said this movie really moved me or made me cry or anything like that— but I definitely always felt what it was going for: and it’s one I could see myself appreciating more and more over time

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