Sleepwalkers ★½

Horror Hunt #33 (March 2021) Day #4
(Prompt 4: "Subtract 10 from film #3 release year and choose something released that year. (Dracula 2004-10=1992)")

Pretty poor all round. There is nothing much of note here. The main characters are unlikeable. There is not one that is decent at all. And why does King insist on doing a cameo in every film he works on? He sticks out like a sore thumb.

One of the worst Stephen King stories I have seen. Full of contrived and convenient moments. There are also a few ludicrous moments in here which are quite eye-rolling. I mean, why are car windows always open at the most unfortunate times? The only good parts are when the cats attack the weirdos.

I couldn't wait for the misery to be over with, so at least the film is kind of over fairly quickly... And it was good to see the cats get their moment playing the heroes.

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